When did you first get into AFL?

I was drafted in the rookie draft in 2009 at pick 9, however prior to that I was introduce to the sport by my friends from school.

When did you start realizing you could play, and that you might make a career out of it?

It was at the age of 17 when I realised I had the attributes to make it to the AFL. It was confirmed to me when I was playing top age TAC cup football, which is an U18s comp for the best young footballers in Vic.

How did it feel becoming the first Sudanese-Australian to be drafted by an AFL club?

It was a proud moment for my family and friends, but on a personal level It didn't feel like a big achievement until later on when I was a bit older, that I realised how lucky I was to represent my country in Australia.

What's the secret to the mark of the year you took this season?

To be honest like most things, the secret is repetition. I knew from early on marking was a strength of my game. So if I really worked on it at training it could be a skill that can set me apart from the rest.

Describe your fashion sense, any favourite brands?

I love shoes and I'm a big believer in spending good quality clothes that fit right. I have come to realise that in my position and my profile I have to up keep my look.

What drew you to your first pair of Antoine & Stanley boots?

I really love the simplicity of the shoes, the boots had a very thin sole which most boots that I have come across don't .

Get guns like Majak - Any training tips for building those arms?

I'm very blessed with good genetics, the other thing is I have a pretty comprehensive weights program that I really enjoy and is specific to my needs.

What hidden talents or hobbies does Majak have that we don't know about?

I love fishing and is studying interior design at uni. I'am also one of 9 children so spending time with family is really important to me.