You've just splashed your hard-earned cash on some new shoes, they look great, and you want them to last, right? How many times do you walk through the city and see well-dressed men with a pair of scuffed shoes dragging the outfit down? Prevention is of course the key!  







We recommend using a  beeswax on your leather  shoes, whichseals the  leather from water,  dirt, sale and grease. A buffing with beeswax  will also bring your old  favorites back from the  dead, and add to the  life  span of your  shoes. Dress shoes,  especially worn at work  can take a beating, and walk many miles, so it's  important to remember to  care for them, they  aren't hiking boots,  they are dress shoes,

meant to be worn well, and looked after.  Every gent should have a tin of beeswax stored away, to repel, rejuvenate and replenish your shoes - or any leather goods for that matter.




How to apply:

1: Wipe surface clean.

2: Use a soft cloth.

3: Polish with a clean cloth.

We recommend, our Australian leather wax, made from Australian bush ingredients, including beeswax, natural canauba wax, neatsfood oil, and wattle fragrance oil. For $15, it's a great investment that will help your shoes last longer, stop cracking, and look better.