Melbourne Cup 2017: 150 Years of Men’s Fashion

They plan this day decades in advance, it’s been ongoing for over 150 years—the Melbourne Cup comes through in 2017 with an air of the past. We see distinct and refined men’s fashion every year, but how often to we learn from it? Here’s one trend that you can’t deny will always look excellent, and is tied together with the small pieces.

The Roaring Suit
Much like the roaring twenties, this suit brand has stayed prominent in our minds. Fashion is the most difficult thing to brand “timeless,” yet with the twenties, we’re often reminded of the fashion and how it influences our everyday choices, particularly in menswear.

To get that impeccable look, much like you’ll see all across photographs of the Melbourne Cup throughout history, as well as today’s race, you want to achieve three main points, which we’re about to lay out for you.

1. Slim Trousers
While the twenties were great, the current model of those inspired suits are slightly morphed, as you can expect with history. We’re ninety-seven years out, after all. Go for slim-fitting trousers, avoiding that “skinny jeans” look. They’re accentuating your frame; not putting it on display.

2. Single Breasted Suit Jacket
While four-breasted suit jackets are reminiscent of a richer time, they don’t pop up in daily fashion for a reason. Stick with a single breast coat, allowing the perfect ‘V’ shape of your dress shirt to seamlessly blend with your tie, sinking down into your jacket. Keep that slimming look going.

3. Ankles Are Everything
Your trousers should be hanging just low enough to gently graze your shoelaces, while your shoes should keep enough ankle room visible to show the smoothness of your socks. Getting the perfect pair makes all the difference.

Go for softer colors; nothing too poppy. Picking a pale blue or a steely gray is the way to go.

What look did you bring to the Melbourne Cup this year? Tell us in the comments below.