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      Cooperation History

      On 26 August 2018, Pioneer Australia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, and the Company entered into the Subscription Agreement with Paragon pursuant to which Pioneer Australia agreed to subscribe for, and Paragon agreed to issue, in two tranches, a total of 50,418,386 Subscription Shares, representing 15% of the total issued shares of Paragon upon completion of the Subscription. As at 30 June 2020, the Group held a total of 59,730,378 ordinary shares of Paragon, representing 17.68% of the total issued shares of Paragon.

      About Paragon

      Paragon is a company incorporated in Victoria, Australia with limited liability whose shares are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (stock code: PGC). Paragon, through its subsidiaries, is principally engaged in the supply of durable medical equipment, medical devices and consumable medical products providing end to end solutions for the acute, aged and primary care markets throughout Australia and New Zealand. For additional information, visit: www.paragoncare.com.au

      Paragon’s Four Business Units

      Professional equipment: ophthalmology, visual optometry, plastic surgery, visual balance and mobile devices, infection control.

      Professional diagnostic equipment: immune serum, life science products, pathology equipment, laboratory equipment, reagents, interpretative reports.

      Consumables and durables:  Ultrasound and laser, visual balance feedback, hospital and geriatric care beds, general purpose products, Medical refrigeration and heating supplies, disinfection supply center, veterinary supplies.

      Professional technical services:  equipment services, diagnostic software, equipment maintenance and repair, asset management.